Small Mangrove Snapper will be found in these areas almost year-round. If the small ones are caught before the summer months arrive, that same area will most likely hold the larger fish later in the year as well. Catching Mangrove Snapper. Here are a few articles that will help with catching inshore Mangrove Snapper: Fishing For Mangrove Snapper

Catching Mangrove Snapper in the Summer Summertime is the Mangrove snapper’s spawning season. What this means for you is that they will be fattening up in preparation, and aggregating in large numbers. Mangrove snapper in most areas spawn on the near-shore and offshore reefs.

Mangrove Snapper Fishing Mangrove Snapper (Lutjanus griseus), also known as the Grey Snapper is one of the most popular snapper species and is one of the few that can be caught consistently inshore. They are shaped like most other snappers, display coloring ranging from bronze to grey and have a mouth full of sharp teeth.


 · Lots of people travel to the Florida Keys expressly for a Florida Keys fishing vacation. Some bring their own boats while others opt to rent when they arrive. But however they arrive, they all want one thing--to catch fish; and mainly what they want to catch is the mangrove snapper …

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 · Mangrove snapper prefer to spawn in offshore coastal reefs. A full spawning season can run from April to November but most of the action happens over summer during full moon periods. Snappers are aggregate or group spawners and produce ‘bottom dwelling’ (demersal) eggs.


 · You see, snapper season never ends in Alabama. We just have to go after the right kind of snapper in the right kind of places. Launch Ramps for Mangrove Snapper Anglers. Boggy Point: located at the end of Marina Blvd off Orange Beach Blvd on Hwy 161. This ramp offers lots of parking and is good to put in even fairly large boats.

As spring progresses this year, so will the movement of snapper into the gulf and along the coast, normally becoming evident in September and October, with spawning peaking in December and January.


 · Places to Catch Mangrove Snapper The location changes depending on the seasons. In the summer months (spawning season) you will find them close to shore, in lagoons and deep channels. In the fall, winter and spring you will find them along piers, bridges docs and other similar structures.

Here at Fish Key West Florida we are finding the Mangrove Snapper on the reef. This is the time of year they start to spawn. The spawn usually last about a month and its a great time to target these good fighting, great tasting fish. Although their are many types of bait to use to catch the Mangrove Snapper our boats like using live Pinfish.