The boat you choose is important for the success of inshore fishing. As we said earlier, you’ll want a smaller, more nimble boat for accessing inshore areas. Generally, a good inshore fishing boat is about 18 to 25 feet in length, which gives you a manageable size while still maintaining good overall stability.


 · Inshore saltwater fishing involves fishing in the ocean and fishing for species that are much larger than you find in freshwater; eel, Spanish mackerel, cod, redfish, snook, and tuna. Inshore saltwater fishing is done from the edges of beaches, fishing piers, and other places that are easily reached by boat or canoe.

The definition of inshore fishing may not be the same, depending on who you ask. However, this type of fishing generally is considered to be any type of fishing that happens in waters which are 30 meters deep or less. This does not mean that inshore fishing has to take place from the shore. You could be fishing on a boat in a small lake.


 · Inshore fishing includes any fishing you do that is in water less than 30 meters deep or close to the shore. You might fish in the inter coastal waters, or it could be in the backwater areas. There are many different types of boats you can use, and it will depend on where you want to fish and what method you want to use.


 · Inshore fishing locations would include, docks, piers, beaches and locations reachable by kayaks, float tubes and small boats. This makes it easier to get in and out of the water mush faster than the larger boats needed to get to offshore locations.

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 · Both Century and Cobia are owned by Yamaha, and it’s no surprise that both are top contenders for the best inshore bass fishing boats. The Century is built for fishing, and no fish is safe when you’re patrolling the water on the 2200CC. At 22’ long, the …