List of irish fishing boats

List of irish fishing boats

Arvor 250 Inland Patrol Boat 2007 1 Targa 31 Colm na Cora Inland Patrol Boat : 2000 1 Osprey Rigid Inflatable Boat 1996 3 Delta Inflatable Boat 2007 1 Zodiac Inflatable Boat 1999 3 Zodiac Inflatable Boat 2013 5 Other Inflatable Boats 2009 - 2011

The Traditional Boats of Ireland Project is the result of a combined effort by Irish people who are passionate about the rich diversity of boat types throughout the country. This project is a by-product of a loosely affiliated group of individuals with a shared realisation that Ireland's traditional boat types are rapidly disappearing.

For expert information and advice about buying or selling boats and yachts in Ireland contact one of our experienced advisers who will be happy to assist you. Below is the current list of boats for sale in Ireland that are available to our network. Boats for Sale in Ireland Expand quick search link.

This is a list of seaports around the coast of the island of Ireland


 · Each year Dockwa compiles a list of the best boat names and backstories. The Irish names Eirinn Rose, Teagan, Dea Latis, and Tara were contributed last spring:. Eirinn Rose. In trying to find a name we thought of using our last name and wife's middle name (Rose). My brother told us to be more imaginative.