· Lund is no stranger to the Jon boat world. The company has a wide range of vessels that vary in size, measuring between 10 and 18 feet long. The Lund Jon Boat series features flat-bottomed fishing and hunting boats designed to float in extremely shallow waters. They are made of aluminum, which makes them highly durable and exceptionally ...

The Lund Predator series jon boats are the perfect rugged fishing or hunting boat for avid outdoorsmen. This utility jon boat comes with a camouflage color option and in a center console, side console, or tiller layout. Whether you spend the day hunting or fishing, if your passion is for the outdoors, this Predator jon boat is designed to deliver.

Apr 11, 2013 - Hunting Boat Series All-Welded, All-Aluminum Jon Boats The Pick of Serious Fishermen, Tournament Pros & Fishing Guides.These boats are one of the toughest boats used by hunters.It is made up of hardcore material but still it is easy to trailer. See more ideas about aluminum jon boats, boat, jon boat.

Jon boats are perfect for your duck hunting adventures and are easy to transport from pond to pond. Lund’s duck or jon boats deliver the ultimate strength, whether you’re fishing, hunting, or hauling. You can’t go wrong with a Lund Jon Boat.

Tough and easy to transport, these durable aluminium boats get you to your hunting and fishing spots without missing that magic hour. V-Series Known for being the reliable boat at the dock, the V-series is our entry level boat that is perfect for your lake shore.

The lund model 1436L Jon Boat is a model that is smaller than the 1648 MT by 2 feet and it is best for smaller fishing or hunting parties and for getting into really tight places when you anticipate traversing shallow waters. The flat hull is ideal for duck hunting, bass and crappie fishing.

Hunting o Our hunting boats have several models specifically designed with a variety of camo choices to fit any hunting needs.

Lowe Boats is a premier manufacturer of aluminum open water fishing, bass, crappie, panfish, fish and ski, jon, hunting, utility, pontoon and deck boats.