For solo anglers in search of a boat to fish a Montana river, by far the most popular “solo fly fishing boat” is the pontoon boat. For solo fly fishing, few boats match the versatility and cost of a pontoon boat. Pontoon boats provide solo anglers with an easy, and affordable, method to fish endless miles of Montana’s rivers. In short, if you need a dedicated (note the emphasis on dedicated) boat for fly …

If you need to fish those mid-river runs, or just want a capable watercraft that can still break-down small enough to fit in your vehicle, pontoon boats have a lot to offer. Choosing the best fly fishing pontoon boat can bring a heap of beneficial features to your fishing adventures.

The AQUOS New PF380 FISHME Pontoon Bass Fishing Boat is easy-carry, gas-saver, more stable and secure, large platform fishing boat for one or two anglers that pack easily into a car and no trailer needed! “ONLY REPLACE NO REPAIR” is the warranty for the FISHME Pontoon boat and FREE replacement parts within THREE YEARS, the certificate will come with the pontoon boat in order to …

We know something about pontoon boats. We use them for work and play on some of the west's wildest rivers & most productive fishing lakes. Our personal pontoon boats range from 8' to 18' long. Each size has its merits and its limitations. Some of these limitations are dependent on the skills of the oarsman.

What is a Fly Fishing Pontoon Boat? Fly fishing pontoon boats first became available in the mid-1980s. The one-man pontoon boat varies between 8 to 10 feet long and can be rowed similar to a rowboat or kicked with swim fins.