In 1986, two brothers from the Kibbutz have discovered the remains of the ancient boat on the northwest shore of the Sea of the Galilee. 27 feet long and 7.5 feet wide, the boat was constructed of ten different kinds of wood, and was meant to allow fishing close to the shore.

Josephus Flavius describes how the lake’s water turned crimson with blood and the shores were covered with derelict Jewish boats as a result of the battle’s aftermath. (War 111: 462-542). It was also the time when the thriving lakeside communities witnessed the ministry of Jesus and his disciples and the miraculous events related to the New ...


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Norman ships sighted in Carolingian times were thought to be either Jewish, African, or British. During the Muslim domination of the Mediterranean there is evidence in contracts, responsa, and descriptions of partnerships of Jews "in ships," i.e., in cargoes; Jewish ownership of "a third of a ship" is mentioned.

In 1985-86, the level of the Sea of Galilee dropped considerably owing to a drought, and the mud bottom of the lake off the former shoreline became exposed. At a distance of 1.5 kms north of the shore of the ancient town of Migdal, the remains of a wood fishing boat could be seen jutting from the mud.The boat was in a good state of preservation, since it had been completely buried in mud.

The Galilee Boat holds great significance to Christians and Jews. Its discovery, excavation and preservation strengthens our faith and belief in Jesus. Christianity traces its origins from the area around which Jesus carried out much of his well-known ministries and miracles using primarily the two-millennia-old boat to sail to different places ...


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The fishing industry flourished in the time of Jesus with the ruling tetrarchs Herod and Philip, sons of King Herod, who made great investments in the industry and provided a stable political environment for it to grow. The ancient Jewish historian Josephus states that there were more than 230 fishing boats working the Sea during that period.

- They Left Their Nets BehindBefore Jesus' time, few Israelites were fishermen. There was only one Hebrew word for fish, and it covered everything from minnows to whales. In Jesus' time, a small, flourishing fishing industry developed around the Sea of Galilee. The town of Magdala (in Greek, Tarichaeae, "the place where fish are salted") was a sardine-pickling center. Many of the images …