One sub-category of aluminum fishing boat with particularly wide appeal is the Jon boat, since it’s among the most affordable options on the water. In fact, some smaller utilitarian models intended for protected waterways, like the Tracker Topper 1542 , can be powered with a small outboard or an electric motor and at $1,595 costs less than some high-priced cell phones.

When it comes to finding the best fishing boats for under $10,000, the Lowe Roughneck 1660 grabbed our attention – it brags a $82.66 monthly payment in stock form with a 9.9 hp outboard and a trailer. That equates to a sticker price of $8,750 with $500 down, which is pretty dang affordable for a brand new fishing boat.


 · The Stumpnocker 164 Sports Skiff Center Console is a prime example of a quality affordable fishing boat. It is a rolled gunnel skiff boat which is a less expensive way to build a boat. As suggested in its name, it’s a rugged boat with a solid ride. Like …

There are tons of new fishing boats for sale, but the price of a modern fiberglass center console might make your eyes bug out. One affordable option that is often overlooked by anglers: aluminum fishing boats. They’re less expensive, easier to tow, and require less power (which means less fuel) to operate.


 · Sure, we’d all love to be king of the sea with a brand new rockin' cool center console fishing boat like a HCB Custom Boats 53 Suenos, a Grady-White Canyon 456, or a Boston Whaler 420. But few of us have millions of dollars to drop on a whim. Even a medium-sized fishing boat, like a Sportsman 282, can cost as much as an average American’s home (in the $150 to $175K range).


 · A runabout boat is a smaller powerboat that usually seats between four to eight people. These either have open bows or small cuddy spaces in the bows. These boats can be used for a wide variety of things such as fishing, tubing, water skiing, swimming, and pulling up to the beach. This makes them an ideal and highly versatile family boat. 1.

So, with the above in mind, the following are two cheap fishing boats that really are worth every cent of their selling price. Top 7 Best Cheap Fishing Boats Water Tender Row Boat (9.4 Feet) Review. This is a very versatile little boat that has multiple uses, such as a straight fishing boat, utility boat or a dinghy.


 · The 21-foot dual console boat Freedom 215 is a great performance boat in a highly affordable package. The 215 is an enviable sportfishing platform but is clearly designed as a family fun boat. Grady’s classic comfort plus the core heritage of rugged offshore fishing boat quality, safety, reliability, value, and performance make this 21-foot ...

Best Cheap Inflatable Fishing Boat Sea Eagle PF7K PackFish. What It Looks Like. When inflated, this cheap inflatable fishing boat’s exterior measures 7’ x 3’3”, and the interior measures 4’6” x 13”. When deflated, the boat measures 5” x 20” x 20”. It is made for solo …